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Jon Loomer and Dustin Hartzler – OM01

The first of several first episodes of the show. We connect up with Jon Loomer, Facebook expert kind of a guy, and Dustin Hartzler, who’s a WordPress kind of a guy. But this is a show about owners, for owners, so I ask them about how they do what they do, and what it means to them, and more stuff like that. There’s also a rundown of the February issue of Owner magazine. Is that useful? Let me know! 

  • Dustin Hensley

    I’m so excited for this!! I tried to redownload the Human Business Way, but saw too late that it has been removed from the iTunes store. Sad day.

    Thanks again, Chris, for the ***r*t T*** group. I love it, and I love you.

    Is that too much?

  • Linda

    Any chance of a downloadable version?

  • Chris Brogan

    Never too much. :) And a new podcast is coming. : )

  • Chris Brogan

    I don’t think so. I’ll have to check.