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Ep 99 – Jonah Berger is Contagious

Okay, he isn’t, but his book is. Jonah Berger comes to talk about his new book, Contagious. 

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  • superdumb

    Aromatherapy seems considerably less hippie-dippy when espoused by a guy in a tie and button down shirt…

  • Graham Tobias

    Another Taxi Tip: If you have luggage in the trunk, don’t close the door you get out of until you have your luggage. Even if the driver forgets your bag is back there, they won’t drive off if the door is open.

  • Timothy Hyde

    I always jot down the Taxi drivers name/ID / cab number during the drive. Most have an ID Badge on display. Gives you more time at the end to check the seat for your phone etc.
    I always carry a small notebook for “brilliant ideas” anyway, so it’s easy to put it in there.

    Timothy Hyde

  • Dale

    As a Certified Aromatherapist I love your recommendation on essential oils. I’d also recommend Peppermint for travelers as it is wonderful for flying/car sickness and indigestion from all of the unfamiliar foods one may eat away from home. If you only want to take two, perhaps replace the Rosemary with the Peppermint as it has a similar stimulating effect for working and staying alert. Combine the 2 (Lav/Pep or Lav/Rosemary) for headaches!

  • Holly McIlwain

    This is a must listen. Chris, Jonah, Nice job. I did take notes. I love the science behind why we share. Science gets me every time. It sounds strategic and tactical and that’s what I need for my current business and especially my new start up. I’m buying and reading Contagious this weekend. Thanks Y’all.