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Ep 96 – Syed Balkhi on WordPress and Musical Guests Mojave

Syed Balkhi runs WPBeginner, one of my favorite sites on the web for WordPress help. Plus, you’ll get to hear from the band Mojave, and see if they’re your jam or not. Dig in! 

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  • Peter Billingham

    Mr Brogan! And the blessed received more bountiful content from the heavens! Blessed are we, and I mean that! We do live a blessed life, really when you compare the world. Very interesting chat – I am learning all the tips and tricks I can about WP and will had over to the WPbeginner site to explore, thanks again. There is a little annoying two line space at the top of my bog posts that no matter what I try I can get rid of! It’s not on the draft, but when I go publish or preview, it’s there aghhhhhhh!

    Love the “wailing” of Mojave, though not sure it was really a wail, it was more a beautiful voice!

  • Shazida Khatun

    Syed Balkhi is one of best WordPress expert around the globe , thanks for the share

  • dCôté

    Super data on word press. I’m a total newbie. So I will explore more! Have already downloaded Pavement! LOVE the song & lyrics! Very timely! I see the band is giving 100% of proceeds to charities for animals. That’s a warm fuzzy 4sure

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