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Ep 17: World Domination and More with Chris Guillebeau

The incredible and huge words that Chris Guillebeau uses to describe every project he undertakes are just a small part of his charm and appeal. He’s a personable person, someone who seems humble and well-rounded. In fact, I think I’ll make an effort to get him angry some time, because I’ve never seen him even irritated, and I’ve never seen him bitch. 

Chris has written two really successful books, The Art of Non-Conformity, and more recently, The $100 Startup. He also runs (with J.D. Roth) a very successful event called The World Domination Summit. At the end of his 2012 event (where I keynoted), I witnessed him handing back $100 cash to every paid attendee. That was $100,000 in cash handed out right there in that room. Oddly, even this isn’t the biggest work Chris has done. 

You will NOT leave this podcast without feeling amazed, inspired, and bigger. 

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