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Ep 3: Sherlock Holmes and Scott Monty

I’m a huge fan of Scott Monty, but not just because of his work at Ford. It’s because he’s a real guy who does many interesting things outside of work as well. One of these is fascinating to me. Scott is a world class authority on Sherlock Holmes and host of the podcast I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. I spoke with him about what that’s all about.

At the heart of it, what was interesting to me was to talk about the global head of social media for Ford about another passion that wasn’t the day job. I wanted to show that the BIGGER STORY for Scott goes beyond gears and promotions. 

This conversation goes to some interesting places, for sure! And speaking of places, if you are enjoying this show, please swing by The Secret Team to talk to me and others about it. : ) 

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