Blogging in My Mind

News Scroll in Times Square

News Scroll in Times Square

I write at least 10 blog posts a day.  All in my mind.  The topics scroll through my brain, like the news scroll in Times Square.

My business blog is focused on technology companies, finance and mergers and acquisitions.   While, I find the area fascinating, that’s only a spec in the universe of potential blog topics.  Which is why I treasure Action.  One doesn’t have to stay on-topic over the long run, just within each blog post!

What are the topics scrolling through my brain?

  • Female HBS MBA’s.  Particularly topical this year, as the school is “celebrating” 50 years of women at the Harvard Business School.  I and my fellow female MBA classmates all have bitter-sweet feelings on the subject.  HBS created a documentary on the topic, well worth watching;  
  • Pugs and more pugs.  That would be three:  “King” Max, Pierre the Frenchman and Leta the Challenged, also known as “Stubbs;”
  • Commuting Up and Down I-93 between New Hampshire and Boston, and the Rules of the Road;
  • The Other Side of Being Female and Married: The Other Side of Being Female and Single.  I got married for the first time at 50.  There is much that I miss about my single life, and much that I have now, that I missed when I was single.
  • Marrying Later in Life:  the Challenges Ahead;
  • The Lifelong Challenge of Getting Back in Shape.  From my teens on, my life seems to be one continual challenge of getting back into shape.  Life intercedes and you’re out of shape.  The continual climb up that mountain;
  • Going Back to the Beginning:  Canada and Poland;
  • Reclaiming My Family’s Property in the Center of Krakow;
  • The Perils of Marrying a Man with a Vicious Ex-Wife:  A Rant.  Life is stranger than fiction.  Who would have believed?
  • Step-Daughters:  From 6 to 16;
  • The Family Court System:  There Are No Laws or Rules;
  • How to Avoid Becoming a Dinosaur:  Or Why One Must Force Oneself to Continually Learn;
  • The Energy Thing:  Staying Present in Life and Work;
  • The Two Sides of Annapolis:  St Johns College and the US Naval Academy
  • My Favorite Podcasats;
  • Women and the Tech Industry;
  • We are All Gypsies:  Last I checked, the average person moved every five years.  We are all continually settling, moving and resettling into communities.
  • Women and the Finance Industry;
  • Living on Page One of the “New York Times”: or 15 years of working with Raj Rajaratnam and John Michaelson.   For those who don’t follow these news stories, Raj was front page WSJ news for insider trading, and was sentenced to eleven years in prison at Fort Devens.  John Michaelson was recently on the front page of the NYT, again, for being a trustee and head of the finance committee at Cooper Union.  Cooper Union just announced due to a significant decrease in its endowment, that the school will begin charging tuition ($20,000) for the first time in its history,   NYC appears to be up in arms over the matter.
  • I May Be Old, But I’m No Dinosaur . . . I Hope

What I particularly like about the BTMC Action Blog is that it is limited in scope.  I have little fear that people I know will stumble across my personal blog.  A belief that I hope is well-founded.

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Elliott,Robyn,Speedy and Snouty

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Difficult Feedback: From Heartburn to Heartbeat

Chris Montoya: Feedback Face

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